CES Exhibition


CES 2018 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off at the Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Centre. For major manufacturers, this is not only the ultimate competition of cutting-edge technology, but also represents the development trends & direction of the industry in the next year. KONKA as one of the 4229 Global exhibitors showed our perfect products.


Several new Chinese styled products from KONKA attracted lots of attention at CES. The ultra-thin, elegantly designed, 77-inch LED Smart TV Unit. We saw a "perfect combination" of art and technology from these TVs. Not only the appearance but also the new features are outstanding, for example, the "artificial intelligenceā€ feature. It can control multiple different brands of home appliances at the same time, clutter & you can use voice to control search and commands.


Fantastic feedback from younger people, with the voice features; for the elderly, the positive meaning and value of voice operations is enormous. The brand's reputation, after-sales services and also funding and technology support attribute the on-going success of KONKA.

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