KONKA TV Honored with Two Gold Awards at IFA 2019 for its Outstanding Technological Innovation


BERLIN, Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- World-renowned 2019 Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) kicked off in Berlin, Germany on September 6, gathering thousands of outstanding home appliance companies from all over the world. This expo has presented a feast of new premium electronic products and high and new technologies. KONKA, a Chinese home appliance brand with a 39-year history, participated in the expo and displayed China's technology and innovation power by a number of hi-tech products and core technologies.

KONKA displayed some futuristic home appliance products incorporating the state-of-the-art techniques at the expo, which were highly appreciated by the visitors. It is worth noting that two TV products, KONKA TV A3 and KONKA OLED TV V1, have won awards in the "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award 2019" jointly organized by IDG and GIC. KONKA TV A3 bagged the prestigious "Design Innovation Gold Award" for its outstanding industrial design innovation, high-quality audio/visual performance and unique combination of user-friendly intelligent techniques. KONKA OLED TV V1 was also honored with "Audio-Visual Experience Gold Award" for its acoustic effects. The two gold awards not only represent the global recognition of KONKA's products and brand strength, but also show the world the development trend set by Chinese home appliance brands.

In recent years, in the pursuit of commanding heights in the field of cutting-edge technologies, KONKA has long been working on technical R&D and industrial layout and has made remarkable breakthroughs in key technologies, such as AI, IoT, 8K, 5G and other fields. So far, KONKA has founded a 5G ultra-high-definition (UHD) joint lab with Migu and China Mobile, making a significant breakthrough in the R&D of its "8K chip". KONKA has also successfully extended its business from products to scenarios of smart home ecosystem. Based on its advantage of key technique R&D and strategic insight into the smart ecosystem, KONKA has already evolved into a platform-based company driven by technological innovation, and its position as a leading Chinese home appliance enterprise has been constantly consolidated as well.

The remarkable hi-tech products shown in IFA indicate that KONKA is competing with other top international tech brands with its global technological innovation. KONKA is soon expected to develop its overseas market, speed up its pace to participate in the international competition and lead other Chinese brands to go global.